Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What is VirtaPay?

What is VirtaPay ?

VirtaPay is in pre-launch now-a-days . the website is not fully functional. it is free to subscribe starting from now .
VirtaPay is an online payment processor where you can send money to others and use VirtaPay website to purchase items but , you cannot withdraw money for your own use but, once the site takes off they will make withdrawing the money available.
Once you subscribe to VirtaPay ( subscription is for free ) you will receive an amount of 25$ in your account and every person you refer to  you will make 10$/refferal.
once you have joined they will encourage you to remain active and read their blogs , participate in their surveys, If you are inactive for a short period of time, the VirtaPay money will stop being deposited into your account. If you remain inactive for a long period of time, you may be at risk of your account being canceled.
There is no risk as of right now as there is no investment. It might be a risk if you use them as a payment processor and do not get access to your money.
Because the business is new, there is no record with the Better Business Bureau as of right now.
Companies usually have their contact information on their website. There is nothing stating how to contact the company. It doesn't say where they are located and who owns them.
VirtaPay is real!

I have been and I'm still a dedicated member of ever since last year October ending, and I've followed their blog all through till today. And I think I'm in the right position to perform my duty as a member and guide you all into not believing that it's one of the biggest existing scams(so says my friends). 

1: Virtapay has given us a free sign up process, not demanding for any implicating data except your username and password. 

2: Some people say that the inability to purchase with their balance is the reason it's a scam. Now let me explain, virtapay has been improving on their services right from the time they opened halfway. They hoped that they will fully launch April 2011, but due to technical difficulties, have faced some delays. But right now, they are working on a Digital delivery project which will enable users to buy only digital goods. This is estimated to be launched any moment from now. At least this should calm your minds and test their services before they begin to deal with tangible goods.
 I suggest that people start using virtapay because " YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE"